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Arsenal Pune Supporters Club (APSC) was founded in an aim to bring about passionate football fans who support arsenal through and through their hearts. 

Even though Arsenal was formed way back in 1886 and each of it’s players contributed 6 pence each to form a club for fitness routine and destined to greatness, the clubs culture and values still stay the same. Danskin’s Arsenal focused on principals and values to make football great and still the club fights against the short term ecosystem of a football club.

7000 kms away from London, In a small cultural city like Pune was something brewing up. Pune has evolved and is known for various one line names “Rise of Maratha Culture “, to “cultural hub”, to being “called the Detroit of the east”, the famous “Oxford of the east” and now ” IT hub ” as well.  With the rise of television, awareness about football and the internet there were a few passionate arsenal fans who had the drive to build a community and not just supporting a football club they love Arsenal on an individual basis.

APSC story began in 2010 with Akshay Kamthe, Akhil Nair and Neeraj Yardy who desperately wanted bring UK culture of bring people together at a specific venue from all over the city, who had passion about football, and madly in love with game “The Arsenal” played. It began a trend, and paved the way for a lot of gooners to build and love to contribute towards the same passion.  It was few years of struggle to gain official status, but they never lost hope. All of the members kept on meeting and discussing on how to go ahead about keeping the constant belief of not only supporting arsenal, but also, to build a community around it. With their efforts informally, a process began to build around the system. When things started formalising, Kapil Sathe took up the responsibility of being the chairperson, Dheeraj Shah the secretary, and Suyash Thite as the Treasurer respectively aimed at getting official recognition from the club in 2014. To achieve their goal, they sent the emails to Arsenal’s liaison’s officer Mark Brindle, hoping to complete the process. They were informed by the LO to wait until the club renews the current crop of fan clubs before they could start registering new ones around the world. After two years of waiting, they finally achieved official recognition in 2016, and became only the fourth Arsenal supporters club in the country to be branded by the North London outfit. Brindle informed them about what would be needed to make them official, and the moderators duly complied, and met the club’s expectations in order for them to receive their official stamp of recognition.

Truly it’s been an effort by each of you gooners who show up for their support every time at the screening screaming their hearts out! Win or lose, the love for Arsenal will never vanish.